Index of Lea Mills men in WW1

The following is record of all the men from the Mills who served.

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Allwood Albert; Gnr; RFA Allwood Frederick; Dvr; RFA, RASC Allwood George; Pte; LeY, LC, GR
Atkins Samuel Wilmot; Pte; HR, LiR Barber Francis; Pte; KOYLI, YR Barker Clifford; Dvr; MM; GR
Batlett Stanley Arthur; Gnr; MM; RHA, RFA Barton George William Turner; Gnr; RGA Bennett Harry; Pte; LeR
Beresford John H; Pte; NR Biddulph Charles Frederick; Pte; WoR Biddulph George Anthony; Cpl; SF
Bond Bernard; Pte; SF; Bond Francis (Frank); Pte; WCY Bosley Wilfred; Pte; DY
Britland Frederick; Pte; DLI Britland Thomas; Pte; SF, RS Brooks Frederick William; A/B; RM, RN
Broomhead Samuel; Pte; RDC, LeR Broomhead William; Sgt; MM; SF, KORLR Brown Arthur Spencer; Pte; SF;
Brown Charles; Gnr; RFA Buckley Fred; L/Cpl; SF, MGC Bunting Clarence Arthur; Pte; SF
Bunting Walter; Pte; MM; NF, MGC Bunting Lawrence; Pte  
Clarkstone Harry; Pte; SF,RFC Conquest Joshua; Cylt; NF, RF Crooks Herbert; L/Cpl; SF, KOYLI, EY
Curzon William Jnr; Pte; SF, LC ; Curzon William; Gnr; RGA Dennis Ernest Heley; Gnr; RFA
Dickenson Oswald; Pte; LeR, DoY Dockerill Albert; Sgt; RFA Ellis Harry; Pte; SF
Ellis Herbert; Pte; SF, NR Else John William; Dvr; RFA Fern Ernest; Pte; KOYLI
Fletcher Josiah (Jesse); Pte; SF; Flint Stanley; Pte; KOYLI, SF Foster William; Sgt; RFC
Fox Frederick; Cpl; Hus, DoR; Gillott Frederick; Gnr; RFA Gould John Mitchell; L/Cpl; SF, CoR
Gratton Horace Benjamin; Pte; SF, LC Gregory Charles; Dvr; RGA Gregory Fred; Pte; DLI, WeR;
Gregory Samuel; Gnr; RGA Gretton Benjamin; Pte; ASC  
Halksworth James Forest; Sgt; ASC, RASC Hall Arnold Moses; Pte; SF, TC Haslam Harold Arthur; Pte; SF
Haslam John; Cpl; MGC Hawley Frederick George; Pte; RFC, NS Henshaw Percy; Gnr; RGA, RFA
Higton Alfred; Pte; MGC Higton Ernest William; Pte; YR, KEY, LC Higton John Oswald; Pte; DLI
Hitchcock Samuel; Cpl; NS; Hodgkinson Joseph; Pte; LiY Holland Frederick William; L/Cpl; SF
Hollingsworth Samuel; Gnr; RGA Holmes Charles Francis; Pte; KOYLI; Holmes George; Pte; LeR, ASC
Holmes George William; Dvr; SF, RE Holmes Horace Thomas; Pte; SS Holmes James Edgar; Sgt; SF, SWB
Holmes Redvers Stanley ; Pte; SF Holmes William; Sgt; SF; Hursthouse Arnold Walter; AM3; RFC, RAF
Jones Henry Whiteman; Gnr; RGA Keeling Wilfred; L/Cpl; SF; Kiddd John Frederick; Pte; DY
Knowles Joseph; Gnr; RGA Leafe Edwin; Cylt; EY Leafe James; Pte; KOSLI, NS
Lee Arthur; Cpl; SF; Limb Charles; Pte; RASC Limb Maurice; 2nd Lt; DCM; SF
Lowe James Noel; Pte; ASC, EY Lowe Thomas Blake; L/Cpl; SF  
Massey James William Owston; Pte; RAMC McMillan Finley; Pte; ASH, BW, LC Oakley George; Pte; TC
Oliver Edgar Simpson; 2nd Lt; SF, KOSLI, ASC, GuR Oliver Walter; Pte; MM; LeR, Y&L Ollerenshaw Denis; Pte; SF, NF, KORL
Ollerenshaw Frederick; CQM Sgt; SF TC Ollerenshaw Roy; Pte; SF, MGC Orridge George William; Pte;
Oxspring John; Cpl; SF, RE, MGC Parker Bertram Francis; Pte; SF; Paulson Fred; L/Cpl; ASC
Petts Hubert (Bert); L/Cpl; SF; Plant Joseph James; Pte; DY, DLI, RDC Potter William; Pte; SF, NS
Potter William Herbert; Sgt; ASC, RFC, RAF Poyser Wiliam; Pte; LeR, Y&L; Price George; Gnr; RGA
Price John (Jack); Pte; SS; Radford George Byard; Pte; SF, DLI, LC Radford John Adam; Pte; SF
Rose Arthur Ernest; Cpl; LeR, KOYLI, DLI, LC Rose Joseph Henry; PO; RN Saint Herbert William; Pte; SF, YR; DLI;
Seedhouse Albert; Drummer; KOYLI Sellors John Henry; Pte; SF Shaw George William; Pte; MGC
Sheldon Bertram; Pte; SF; Sheppard William; Pte; SF, KLR Siddall Henry; Gnr; RFA
Simpson Robert George; Dvr; RFA Sims Thomas; Pte; SF Steeples Samuel; Pte; SF;
Swift Reginald Baden; Pte; Swift Charles; Gnr; RGA  
Taylor Albert: Pte; LiR, LC Taylor Samuel; drummer; SF, RMF Thomas William Henry; L/Cp; LC
Thompson Harry; Pte; ASC Thorpe Harry Alfred; Pte; SF; Thorpe Thomas Bertram; Pte; MGC;
Toplis James Herbert; Pte; LiR, SF Truman Charles Henry; Pte; YR Turner John William; Pte; RFA
Vallance John Edward; Pte; RAMC Walker Thomas; Pte; KOYLI; Watts Arthur; Pte; SF
Wigley Arthur; Sgt; SF, RFC, RAF Wildgoose Charles; Pte; SF Woodward Ernest Edward; A/B; RNVR
Worthy William; Gnr; RFA Wragg John James; Pte; NS Wykes Harry (Henry); Pte; SF
Wykes Stanley; Pte; SF    


Men reported as being employees in various records (they may have left the Mill just prior to enlistment)

Marsh Harold Pte; SF Thomas Wilson; SF, MGC  

killed or died

Awarded the Silver War Badge

Prisoner of War

Regiments and Services in which Lea Mills men served

ASC Army Service Corps
ASH Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders
BW Black Watch (Royal Highlanders)
CoR Connaught Rangers
DLI Durham Light Infantry
DoR Dorsetshire Regiment
DoY Dorset Yeomanry
DeR Devonshire Regiment
DY Derbyshire Yeomanry
EY East Yorkshire Regiment
GR Gloucestershire Regiment
GuR Gurkha Rifles
HLI Highland Light Infantry
HR Hampshire Regiment
Hus Hassars
KEY Kent East Yeomanry
KLR King’s (Liverpool Regiment)
KORL King's Own Royal Lancashire
KOYLI King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
KOSLI King's Own Shropshire Light Infantry

LC Labour Corp
LeR Leicestershire Regiment
LeY Leicestershire Yeomanry (Prince Albert’s Own)
LF Lancashire Fusiliers
LiR Lincolnshire Regiment
LR London Regiment
MGC Machine Gun Corps
MR Manchester Regiment
NF Northumberland Fusiliers
NR Norfolk Regiment
NoR Northamptonshire Regiment
NS Prince of Wales's (North Staffordshire Regiment)
RAF Royal Air Force
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
RASC Royal Army Service Corps
RB Rifle Brigade
RDC Royal Defence Corps

RE Royal Engineers
RF Royal Fusiliers (City of London Regiment)
RFA Royal Field Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RM Royal Marines
RMF Royal Munster Fusiliers
RN Royal Navy
RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
RS Royal Scots
SF Sherwood Foresters (Nottinghamshire & Derbyshire Regiment)
SS South Staffordshire Regiment
SWB South Wales Borderers
TC Tank Corps
WeR Welsh Regiment
WCY Westmorland & Cumberland Yeomanry
WoR Wocesershire Regiment
WYR Prince of Wales’s Own (West Yorkshire Regiment)
Y&L York and Lancaster Regiment
YR Alexandra, Princess of Wales's Own (Yorkshire Regiment)