Horace Benjamin Gratton


Sherwood Foresters (Notts & Derbys Regiment) 3267 / 240985 2/6th & 10th & 5th Reserve Battalions
Labour Corps 644776 501 Agricultural Corps

Lea Mills postcard

Horace Gratton in WW1

During the war Horace was in the Rouen 1st Australian Hospital. Information on this, with photographs, can be found on the following link: Rouen Australian Hospital

Medal Card Index
He was awarded the Victory and British War Medals.

Army Service Record
22/10/14 examined aged 24 years and 182 days; height 5ft 8in weighing 145lb. Factory worker at Lea Mills, Nr. Matlock. Next of kin is mother at 3 Rows Cottage, Upper Town, Bonsall
22/10/15 to 08/11/15 Military Hospital Gt. Bentley
03/11/16 to 26/01/17 Command Depot with sceptic knee
01/04/18 to 10/05/18 Military Hospital Fovant G.S.W. to right ankle. Sent from France 01/04/18. Bullet removed on outer side of right ankle from behind fibula and astrafalus. Wound soundly healed. Some limitation to movements at ankle; able to walk abouts with boots on
25/05/18 to 23/07/18 To No 2 Inf CD Ripon; transferred Agra. work under Act. 759 of 18

01/08/16 In field; Admitted J.C.T. left leg; transferred to g.ambulance train
03/08/16 Admitted 16 Gen Hosp J.C. leg
12/08/16 Transferred to England
17/03/17 Embarked Folkstone for Boulogne
06/04/17 Posted to 10th Bn Sherwood Foresters
06/07/17 Wounded
24/07/18 To Agricultural District Centre Derby; posted to 5th Res Btn Notts & Derby
08/09/18 Compulsorily transferred to Labour Corp, 501st Agricultural Coy Derby
21/03/19 Disembodied

Gun shot wound to right ankle from machine gun; due to less than 20%; 5/6 is final from 22/03/19, no bonus
Was in Rouan 1st Australian Hospital
13/05/16 to 14/09/16 France
13/03/17 to 30/03/18 Ordinary duties

Letters to JB Marsden-Smedley

[Headed Notepaper: Diocese of Ripon Church of England Soldiers' Institute]
From Pte H.B. Gratton 3267
1/6 Batt'n, Sherwood's Regiment, No. 4 Coy. Hut 26
Address reply to: Northern Command Depot
No. 1 North Camp, Ripon, Yorks
January 3/17
To Mr. JB Marsden-Smedley.
Dear Sir
Just a line to thank you for splendid parcel I received today it was very good and was very pleased with same, I think it is very good of you, hoping you will have a prosperous year and thanking you again for same I am
Yours Sincerely
Pte HB Gratton

September 3, 1917
Dear Sir
I received your parcel safe and in good order for which I send you my greatest thanks it was very good and also very good on behalf of the firm.  I am going on alright up to now so thanking you again and wishing you every success I remain
Yours Faithfully
Pte H.B. Gratton

Dec 19/17
Dear Sirs
I received your parcel safely and for which I thank you very much.  I was very pleased with the articles they will come in very useful so thanking you again I remain
Yours Sincerely
Pte H.B. Gratton

February 7 1918
To Mr. JB Marsden - Smedley and Son
Dear Sir
I received your parcel quite safely and in good order I think the things were fine and I must thank you very much for same they came in very useful, so must thank you again and believe me yours
Sincerely HB Gratton

Pte HB Gratton C/o Mr. T Goodall
Birch House Farm, Brailsford, Derby
To Mr. JB Marsden-Smedley
Many thanks for parcel sent by you.  I am sure it is very good of you to think of the boys as you do, as the things were excellent and in good condition as I received it without any damage to it, well wishing you every success and thanking you again.
I am
Yours Sincerely
Private HB Gratton

Newspaper Reports

High Peak News, 18 May 1918
The casualty lists this week include the following: – Wounded 240985, H.B. Gratton

Belper News Friday August 1955
200 year old Mystery Unearthed?
Digging in their lonely drift mine high on the windswept moors near Uppertown Bonsall, two fluor-spar miners have stumbled across a mystery which maybe 200 years old. Four feet six inches below ground level, they have found human bones and part of a skull.
The discovery was made by the brothers Mr Horace Benjamin Gratton and Mr Elliott Gratton, both of Uppertown. The bones believed to be between 150 and 200 years old, and in an advanced state of decomposition, were buried in loose earth near workings which once formed part of an old lead mine. There were approximately 20 pieces of bone, and the position of the skull suggested that the body had been lying on its side.
Investigation indicated that the bones were mainly from the trunk of the body, and the search for other remains continued earlier this week. It is thought that the body was that of a man aged between 60 and 70.
The brothers are in partnership as fluor-spar miners and began to work the drift in April this year. Mr Horace Benjamin Gratton told the Belper News that, cutting alongside the shaft of an old-time lead mine they had found various traces and reminders of the miners of years ago.
An intriguing point, and one which makes the investigation of the mystery more difficult, is that Messrs Gratton have ascertained that the lead mine is not registered in the records of the Wirksworth Great Barmote Court, the lead mining authority for the area. This means that it is impossible to trace, by normal methods, the name of the last miner to work the mine.
The High Peak Coroner, Mr FRS Nesbitt, was informed of the discovery of the bones and an inquest was held at Matlock on Thursday week. An open verdict was recorded.


1901: Uppertown Bonsall

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Benjamin Gratton Head 40 Lead miner Bonsall
Mary Gratton wife 42   Bonsall
Mabel Gratton daughter 14 Cotton winder Bonsall
Horace B Gratton son 10   Bonsall
Walter Gratton son 8   Bonsall
Elliott Gratton son 1   Bonsall

RG13 piece 3241 folio 15 page 22

1911: 3 Rose Cottage, Uppertown Bonsall

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Benjamin Gratton Head 50 Lead miner Bonsall
Mary Gratton wife 52   Bonsall
Mabel Gratton daughter 24 Cop winder Bonsall
Horace Benj. Gratton son 20 Framework Knitter Bonsall
Walter Gratton son 18 Quarryman Bonsall
Elliott Gratton son 11 School Bonsall
Mary Elliott mother in law 78 (wid)    

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