Robert George Simpson


Royal Field Artillery 66719 23rd Brigade

R.G.Simpson was one of the staff at Lea Green, not at Lea Mills. He left to join the forces in February 1915 and He sailed in late August 1915 and entered service in France as part of the British Expeditionary Force on 9th September 1915.
Driver R.G. Simpson No 66719, 107 Battery, 23rd Brigade, Royal Field Artillery.

He sent messages home during 1915 and 1916 that were published in the Parish Magazine.
12th October 1915. I am somewhere on the Western Front near a well known place, and I suppose you can guess where that is.
6th November 1915. I would rather be in a Mounted Regiment than in Infantry, because the Infantry are continually walking through mud. I think there will be a lot more men wanted before this lot is finished. Some people think the Germans are getting short of ammunition, but they would change their minds if they spent a night in range of their guns.
25th December 1915. We have had a very good Xmas, under the circumstances.

In June 1916, he had eight days leave in England but was not able to visit Lea Green, much to his regret.

Medal Roll Index
He was awarded the Victory, British War and 15 Star Medals.
Entered France 09/08/15


Unable to track him for certain in the census records.