James Noel Lowe


Army Service Corps S/4 147077  
East Yorkshire Regiment
29326 3rd & 7th Battalions

Photo Lea Mills postcard

Noel Lowe in WW1

James Noel Lowe was usually known by his middle name Noel. He worked in the warehouse and joined the forces on 5th November,1915. Intially he was with the Army Service Corps training at Aldershot and Reading. He then served with the East Yorkshire Regiment.
In September 1916 he received a letter from Stanley Bartlett and was visited by Harry Clarkstone.
Newspaper reports before the war indicate a friendship with fellow Lea Mills soldier William Potter (they both joined together in the 57th Field Bakery Section, A.S.C.) The reports also record his success at athletic events.
After the war he again worked at Lea Mills.

Medal Card Index
He was awarded the Victory, British War and 15 Star Medals.
Also awarded the Clasp
Entered France 07/12/15

Newspaper Reports

Derbyshire Times and Chesterfield Herald 8 February 1911
On Saturday Willie Potter, Bert and Noel Lowe, of Holloway, had a somewhat unfortunate experience. They journeyed to Derby on their cycles, and upon their return a dense fog was encountered. Taking a wrong turn when approaching Allestree, Willie Potter struck the kerb of the footpath, and was pitched on his face into the wall. His forehead and nose were cut and he was badly bruised the other side of his face. Bert and Noel rendered all possible assistance, and a near residence was approached, where they were treated kindly. The injured youth found it necessary to stay the night, while the other two completed their journey at half past three on Sunday morning. The injured cyclist was able to cycle home by daylight on Sunday.

Derbyshire Courier 21st of March 1914
On Monday a lantern lecture entitled “Round our Mission Fields” was given in the Mount Tabor Church, Cromford. There was a good attendance, Mr Noel Lowe of Holloway gave the readings, and Mr W Potter (Holloway) manipulated the lantern. The slides illustrated scenes in East and West Africa and North, South, and South-West China. Mr T Bolden presided over a splendid attendance.

Derbyshire Courier 19 January 1918
Pte Noel Lowe, Holloway

Newspaper reports dated 1911 record his success at several flat races.

Letters to JB Marsden-Smedley

29326 Pte. Lowe
Signalling Section, 3rd E Yorks, N./Sea
To Mr J B Marsden Smedley and Mr A S Marsden Smedley
Dear Sirs
Have much pleasure in writing to thank you very much for pcl. recd in good condition.
Contents will be very much enjoyed I assure you.
It's also nice to know we are not forgotten by you at home & much appreciate your kindness.
Pleased to say I'm keeping in good health.
Hoping things are going well at Lea Mills & again thanking you.
I beg to remain
Yours most truly
J N Lowe

S/4  147077
No. 1 Sec. Fd Bakery, B E F
To Mr J.B. Marsden Smedley and Mr A.S. Marsden Smedley
Dear Sirs
It was with much pleasure I received your pcl: yesterday, & indeed I thank you so much for the goods, for such articles are greatly appreciated out here & especially those from the old firm, which cannot be beaten. Hope everything is going as well as possible with the firm under present conditions, I'm sure great must be the difficulties you have to face at times, but my wish is you may have good health, & prosperity, hoping the coming year may prove one of victory & peace to us all.
I'm pleased to say I keep in good health, & again thanking you, with every good wish for the coming year.
I beg to remain
yours most truly
J.N. Lowe

S/4 147077
1 Sec. / Fa. Bakery, B E F
To Mr J.B. Marsden-Smedley and Mr A.S. Marsden-Smedley
Dear Sirs
I must write & thank you so much for the good pcl: recd this week-end, thro Austin & Co. It must have been held up for some time in the mail but everything is quite all right, & and I'm sure will afford me & my chums some pleasurable feeds.
It really does cheer one up when we receive these gentle reminders from home, telling us tho’ we are out of sight we are not out of mind. We are getting terribly stormy weather out here just now
Pleased to say I'm keeping in good health, trusting this may find you the same. Again thanking you & with all good wishes.
I beg to remain your most sincerely
J.N. Lowe

S/4  147077
Pte. N Lowe, 1/1 Fa Bakery , B E F
To Mr J B. Marsden Smedley and Mr A.S. Marsden Smedley
Dear Sirs
Just in receipt of the splendid pcl. for which I wish to thank you very much. It arrived in quite perfect order, & certainly was a most pleasant surprise. I assure you it will afford a pleasure unexpected. Pleased to say I'm keeping A.1.
Weather is not very good just now, but we endeavour to keep smiling.
Hoping this finds you well & again thanking you
I beg to remain
yours most sincerely
J.N. Lowe

29326 Pte. J N Lowe, 7th Batt. E Yorks, No.2 Coy (unclear text), BEF
To Mr J.B. Marsden Smedley and Mr A. Marsden Smedley
My dear Sirs
Am sorry in being so long accepting your welcome gift of hosiery, which I'm most truly glad to get, for there is none like those from home, & this terribly cold weather certainly makes us need such articles especially out here in the line.
Have been sick in hospital, which is the cause of my delay in writing, so hope you will quite excuse me. Glad to say I'm much better & hope to rejoin my unit shortly. Kindly accept my best wishes for the coming year & again thanking you. I beg to remain yours most truly
N Lowe

Wilsons War Hospital , Reading
To Mr J.B.Marsden Smedley and Mr A.S.Marsden Smedley
Dear Sirs
It was with great pleasure I received your New Years pcl & good wishes, for which I thank you very much, I know the contents will be enjoyed, & along with that it is cheering to know we are remembered by you at home. Am pleased to say I am progressing favourably towards recovery & hope within a few weeks to be convalescent.
With every good wish for the New Year  again thanking you.
I beg to remain,
Yours most truly,
J. N. Lowe


1901: Commonside Holloway

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
James Hall Head 37 Baker Asbourne
Ellen Hall wife 41   Holloway
James Noel Lowe nephew 9   Lea
Ettie Lowe niece 15 Merina machinist hosiery works Tansley

RG13 piece 3235 folio 60 page 7

1911: Holloway

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
James Hall Head 47 Baker & confectioner Asbourne
Ellen Hall wife 51 Assistant in the business Holloway
James Noel Lowe nephew 19 Clerk, hisiery works Holloway
William Meredith Jones nephew 8 School Holloway

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