Men not on the 2018 Roll of Honour


Alliston M; 2nd Lieut [On the 1920 Roll]
Two individuals named Alliston have been located in the WW1 medal rolls with a forename beginning with M. One is Morry Alliston, an Essex man who served with the Royal Field Artillery. He can be discounted as he never rose above the rank of driver.The other individual was named Montague James Alliston (1883–1965): a London man who initially served with the London Regiment, then the Royal Flying Corps, and who was commissioned, firstly as second lieutenant, then to lieutenant. This man later emigrated to America and used the name James Montague. No obvious connection with Crich Parish.

Bingham J; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
On the original Roll is listed ‘Pte. J. Bingham’ and ‘Dvr. Jas. Bingham’. The latter is confirmed as James Hunt Bingham of Crich, and no obvious candidate can be located for the former.

Booker Geo; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
The only likely candidate is George Francis Booker (1874–1952): a Derby-born labourer who settled at Crich with his wife and children around the time of WW1. Unfortunately, no reference at all has been located to WW1 service for this individual. He had a son named George Thomas Booker (1902–1962), better known as Tom, but he was too young for service in WW1.

Bowmer John; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
There are two listings for a ‘Pte. John Bowmer’ on the original Roll. One is confirmed as John Bowmer (1893–1916) of Crich, who served with the Grenadier Guards and was killed in action. the other is unidentified. Though no evidence of WW1 service has been located, two Crich Parish men are possibilities. Firstly, Fritchley-born John Bowmer (1889–1961). He was a farmer, who married in 1916. Secondly, Crich Carr-born John James Bowmer (1897–1960). He was the son of the Whatstandwell sub-postmaster. His older brother, Ernest, served in the army during WW1

Brown Harold L [1918 voter on military service; Fritchley]
This name has not yet been identified.

Crowder D A [1918 voter on military service; Market Place]
This could be an error on the electoral register. Arthur Crowder of Crich is listed on the Roll of Honour. He held the rank of driver in the Royal Field Artillery. It is possible that ‘D. A. Crowder’ is ‘Driver Arthur Crowder’, which has been mis-transcribed for the electoral register.

Dawes Joseph Henry [1918 voter on military service; Church Farm]
John Henry (Harry) Dawes from the Roll of Honour lived at Church Farm at the time of WW1. This wasn’t a Dawes family home – he lodged or boarded there. It is possible that ‘John Henry’ has been mis-transcribed as ‘Joseph Henry’ for the electoral register.

Dawes W; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
This individual is unidentified. Although no evidence of WW1 service has been located, a potential candidate could be John William Dawes (1873–1956) a lifelong resident of Crich, who was better known as William. At the time of WW1, he was publican of the Wheatsheaf Inn at Crich. His son, John Dawes (1899–1968) served in the army during WW1, as did his younger brother, James Henry Dawes (1879– 1940).

Fews Edgar W [1918 voter on military service; Carr View, Whatstandwell]
His name has been identified as Edgar Willis Fews (1888-1938). Born and raised at Weston, Somerset, he served in the Royal Engineers during WW1. He married in Somerset in 1917 and later had a son. Edgar was living in Crich Parish by 1918 (a resident of Whatstandwell), though he and his wife soon relocated to Matlock Bath. Due to the seemingly very brief period spent in Crich Parish, his name has not been included on the 2018 Roll of Honour.

Henson Frank; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
Certainly not a member of the Henson family who were based in Crich Parish from the 1850s onwards. Articles in the local press during July 1914 report that a Frank Henson, chauffeur, and Walter Rodgers, butler, both of Chase Cliffe, were charged with having been on licensed premises during prohibited hours and for falsely representing themselves to be travellers. They were described as ‘smartly dressed young fellows’. This seems the only likely individual, though nothing more is known of him.

Hitchcock George S [1918 voter on military service, Wheatcroft]
No public records have been located of any George S. Hitchcock in Derbyshire, and no reference has been located to such an individual in Crich Parish. George Samuel Housley from the Roll of Honour married Mary Hannah Hitchcock of Wheatcroft in 1914. ‘George S. Hitchcock’ is possibly a corruption of his name, which was mistakenly added to the electoral register.

Mollatt Harry [1918 voter on military service, Culland Farm]
Listed as resident of Culland Farm, which was the home of the Critchlow family. Perhaps Mollatt was a farm labourer there. The only candidate located in public records is Harry Mollatt (1878-1954) who was born at Ince-in-Makerfield, Lancs, and lived at Wigan. During WW1, he served as a driver with the Army Service Corps (T4/262186). This individual evidently remained in Derbyshire after WW1, as he later lived at Belper and died there in 1954, seemingly with no surviving close family.

Murray John; Gnr [Crich link]
Born at Fritchley, he lived 1897–1977. Shortly after his birth, his mother married William Atkins of Fritchley – John is a half-brother of Gilbert Atkins from the Roll of Honour. Appears to have left Fritchley in 1906 and later emigrated to Canada with his mother prior to WW1. Attested with the Canadian Expeditionary Force in January 1917, though was discharged as being medically unfit only a few weeks later in April 1917. Died at Niagara, Ontario. Due to his very brief military service and the fact that he left the UK long before WW1 his name has not been included on the 2018 Roll of Honour.

Oates Clement [1918 voter on military service, Market Place]
This name has not yet been identified.

Perry Joseph [On the 1914 Crich Roll reported in the Belper News]
He was on the Crich Roll of Honour reported in the Belper News and Derbyshire Telephone dated 13 November 1914

Price George; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
No George Price has been identified with obvious connections to Crich Parish. A possible candidate is George Albert Bernard Price (1889–1979), who was born and raised at neighbouring Holloway and worked at Lea Mills. He married and emigrated to Canada with his wife and daughter in 1924.

Radford John; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
Unidentified, though several Crich Parish men are possibilities, with no evidence of WW1 service. Firstly, Crich-born John George Radford (1887-1953). Known as George: a bachelor, he farmed at Hollins Farm, Plaistow Green for many years. Secondly, Crich-born John Robert Radford (1877-1940), a stone mason. He married a Darley Dale widow in 1912 and relocated to the Manchester area prior to WW1. Thirdly, Fritchley-born John Thomas Radford (1881–1956). Known as Thomas he married in 1909 and farmed at Hartshay for many years after WW1, later returning to Fritchley.

Richardson George Harold [1918 voter on military service, Whatstandwell]
This name has not yet been identified.

Seales James [1918 voter on military service, The Common]
This name has not yet been identified.

Smith Hbt; Pte [On the 1920 Roll]
Two individuals listed as ‘Pte. Hbt. Smith’ are included on the original Roll. One has been confirmed as Herbert Smith (1892-1962) born and raised at Fritchley, later of Crich Carr. The only other identified service-age Herbert Smith of Crich Parish was born at Fritchley and was the son of Frederick Smith and Rebecca Walker Blackham. Known as Bert, he lived 1901–1973. A brother, Frederick Smith, served with the RAF. After WW1, Bert married and relocated to Watnall, Notts. His granddaughter, however, has no memory of being told that he served in the forces and no service records or memorabilia have been found

Smith Sam; Gnr [On the 1920 Roll]
‘Gnr. Sam. Smith’ and ‘Pte. Sam. H. Smith’ are listed on the original Roll, the latter of whom was listed as having died in hospital. This latter name has been identified as Samuel Harris Smith (1888-1919). The other, ‘Gnr. Sam. Smith’, is unidentified. The rank of gunner suggests service with an artillery regiment. A possibility, with no evidence of WW1 service, was Samuel Smith (1893-1966) of Fritchley, son of Frederick Smith and Rebecca Walker Blackham, though his daughter is confident that he didn’t serve during WW1, due to holding an important position at Ambergate wireworks.

Street John William [1918 voter on military service, The Common]
This name has not yet been identified.

Taylor Frederick [1918 voter on military service, Town End]
This name has not yet been identified.

Taylor Moses[1918 voter on military service, Crich Carr]
The only individual located with links to Crich Parish was Moses Taylor (1842-1926), who lived at Crich Carr and was a 72 year-old widower at the outbreak of WW1. It is assumed that his name was mistakenly listed in the incorrect section of the electoral register, and that ‘NM’ is clearly an error.

Tomlinson John [1918 voter on military service, Kirkham Lane]
This name has not yet been identified.

Wilson Victor Haslam [one of the Wilson brothers who are on the Roll]
Born at Ambergate, he lived 1896-1968. He is a younger brother of George James Wilson and Vernall Haslam Wilson, who have both been included on the 2018 Roll of Honour. During WW1, Victor served with the Derbyshire Yeomanry and later with the Labour Corps. After the war, he settled at Belper, and married. Unlike his brothers, he was not born in Crich Parish, nor did he ever live within the parish, so has not been included on the 2018 Roll of Honour.