Harry Homer (1886–1956)

Stoker Petty Officer

Royal Navy 310308 HMS: Vindictive, Victory II, Hindustan, Europa II

Photograph Courtesy Mildred Waldron

Harry Homer RN in WW1

Harry was born at Belper in August 1886, the son of Thomas and Harriet Homer. He worked as a bricklayer before joining the Royal Navy in May 1906 for a twelve-year period. He married Fritchley-born Harriett Elizabeth Curzon in 1916. Harry served throughout the war period, extending his twelve-year period to thirty-two years, finally demobbing in October 1938.
The photograph was probably taken just before the start of the war (he had enlisted in 1906). The three-bladed propeller with a star above on his sleeve denotes the rank of Leading Stoker, he was promoted to Chief Stoker in 1913.
Harry married Harriett Elizabeth Curzon during 1916 and he died in 1956 aged 69.

Photo courtesy Mary Harper (née Homer)

Harry Homer

Harry in later life

Medal Roll Index Card
Victory and British War Medals

Naval Service Record
He enrolled 30/05/06 for 12 years, a bricklayer born18 August 1886.His height was 5ft 7in and he had dark brown hair and hazel eyes. There were two letters H on the outside of his left forearm and a scar in the centre of his forehead. To complete vol 17/06/19.
Nelson 30/05/06 to 02/11/06
Victory II 03/11/06 to 31/12/06
Pandora 01/01/07 to 26/03/07
Prince George 27/03/07 to 23/04/07
Victory II 24/04/07 to 24/04/08
Sapphire II 25/04/08 to 13/06/08
Victory II 14/06/08 to 30/06/08
King Edward VII 01/07/08 to 31/07/11
Victory II 1/08/11 to 05/08/11
Fisgard 06/08/11 to 09/11/11
Victory II 10/11/11 to 11/11/11
New Zealand 12/11/11 to 30/11/11
Zealandia 01/12/11 to 26/08/13 (N.B. renaming of New Zealand)
Victory II 27/08/13 to 30/09/13

Vindictive 01/10/13 to 30/06/16
Victory II 1/07/16 to 26/09/16
Vindictive 27/09/16 to 12/12/17
Victory II 13/12/17 to 03/03/18
Hinduston 04/03/18 to 20/03/18
Victory II 21/03/18 to 01/07/18
Europa II 02/07/18 to 17/07/19
Victory II 18/07/19 to 02/01/20

Courageous 03/01/20 to 06/05/21
Victory II 07/05/21 to 29/08/21
Barham 30/08/21 to 05/09/22
Malaya 06/09/22 to 30/09/24
Victory II 01/10/24 to 18/02/25
Columbine 19/02/25 to 07/04/25
Centaur 08/04/25 to 01/01/26
Victory II 02/01/26 to 08/05/27
Columbine 09/05/27 to 31/03/28
Victory II 01/04/2829/05/28 (Shore pensioned)
Victory 2 (I) 28/09/38 to 04/10/38 Demobbed

Passed for Stoker P.O. on 02/11/11

[Shore-based ships were: Nelson, Victory, Fisgard]

The following photographs of Harry's ships are from the excellent and comprehensive site http://www.photoship.co.uk

HMS Pandora


HMS Prince George

Prince George

HMS Saphire


HMS King Edward VII

King Edward VII

HMS New Zealand

New Zealand

HMS Nindictive


HMS Hindustan


HMS Europa


HMS Courageous


HMS Barham


HMS Malaya


HMS Columbine



1891: Belper

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Thomas Homer Head 27 Builders carter Crasley Heath
Harriet Homer wife 28   Belper
Alice Homer daughter 9   Belper
Ernest Homer son 7   Belper
Harry Homer son 5   Belper
Willy Homer son 2   Belper
Ethel Homer daughter 6 mo   Belper

RG12 piece 2743 folio 20 page 15

1901: William Street, Belper

Forename Surname Relationship Age Occupation Where born
Thomas Homer Head 38 General carter Staffs
Harriet Homer wife 39   Belper
Alice M Homer daughter 19   Belper
Ernest Homer son 17 General carter Belper
Harry Homer son 15 Telegram messenger Belper
William Homer son 12   Belper
Ethel Homer daughter 10   Belper
Elizabeth E Homer daughter 9   Belper
Louie Homer daughter 8   Belper
Thomas Homer son 1   Belper

RG13 piece 3228 folio 47 page 11

In 1911 Harry was still serving in the Royal Navy.

1918 Crich voters
Harry Homer, Bowmer Rough Farm; absent on military service.