Wartime restrictions & laws

  • 1917 – It became an offence to throw rice at a wedding or to feed the pigeons.

  • Starch in laundry work was restricted and the government permitted bakers to add potato with flour in the proportion of one to seven.

  • There was bad news for those who liked strong liquor the Old Vaults in Matlock Bath whose life apparently dated back one hundred years was shut down and the Prince of Wales was ordered to be closed at the end of the year. Compensation was paid to the owners and licensees of the public houses that had been closed compulsory. In the case of the Prince of Wales the total was £368 and for the Old Vaults it was about £70

  • Petrol was restricted. Mrs Marsden-Smedley fined for contravening the Petrol Restriction Order.

Ref: "The Bath at War" by Charles Beresford; Country Books 2007